Handicapped accessible conversions - No compromise when it's different.
Handicapped accessible conversions - No compromise when it's different.

Vehicle conversions for the disabled

Automotive freedom for all.

Unlimited mobility despite a handicap: Together with our experienced partner PARAVAN, the world market leader for individually adapted vehicles for the disabled, we make your dream come true. We find the optimal technical solution for every clinical picture - and the right vehicle entirely according to your ideas. From the family-friendly van to the racy sports car, everything is possible. Because you don't have to sacrifice driving pleasure and comfort. PARAVAN's holistic mobility concept leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the innovative, microprocessor-controlled Space Drive technology, safe driving is possible even with the most severe physical limitations. Numerous detailed solutions such as the docking station and the world's first wheelchair approved as a driver's seat make your everyday life easier. Whether you are a wheelchair user who wants to drive yourself or you just need an aid to get in and out of the car, you have come to the right place. Because at Anders, PARAVAN's technical and therapeutic expertise meets genuine car enthusiasts. At 13 locations with a total of over 800 employees, we are the first point of contact for countless customers in the Northwest when it comes to cars.


For example, we offer you:

Compact lift

Thanks to minimal external dimensions, the integrated lift enables convenient access in narrow parking spaces or garages.

  • Compact design
  • Non-slip platform
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg

Swivel lift

The side-mounted lift swivels 90 degrees in the direction of travel after extension. This means that only a small parking area is required for convenient entry and exit.

  • Space saving solution
  • Extend in less than one minute
  • Load capacity up to 300 kg

Linear lift

The linear lift with lifting platform and powerful lifting arms is the first choice for large and heavy e-wheelchairs. When folded, the grid platform allows a good view out of the rear window.

  • Simplest handling
  • Automatically folding up roll-off protection
  • Available in many variants
  • As rear or side entry

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Contact for vehicle conversions for the disabled:

Arnold Günther

Arnold Günther
Tel.: 04441 912-224

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