Our mission statement

Our mission statement is our corporate constitution.

The "guard rails" of our corporate governance are defined in this Constitution and are actively implemented by us.

  1. We are the automotive service provider in our region.

  2. Our corporate and management principles are defined in this constitution and are lived by us.

  3. We treat everyone with kindness and respect.

  4. With us, every employee acts responsibly and reliably

  5. Our goal is long-term and trusting customer relationships.

  6. At our company, every employee makes a contribution to the profitability of the company.

  7. We are socially and civically engaged in our region.

  8. The training and development of our employees is close to our hearts.

  9. We act according to high ecological standards for a sustainable future.

  10. Each employee complies with applicable laws and internal policies and behaves ethically.

  11. Safety and health are prerequisites for our company's success; everyone is aware of this responsibility and contributes to it with their actions.

The car world of the Anders Group 

You will be delighted with our automotive services and workshops. Discover a car dealership that has more to offer than just locomotion.
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