Vehicle and rim preparation
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Vehicle and rim preparation

You love your vehicle? Then pamper it.

At the latest when you sell your car, you will learn how important a well-maintained vehicle is.

Whether outside or inside, treat your vehicle to a professional preparation at certain intervals. Especially before or after problematic seasons for your vehicle, the preparation offers good protection against aggressive road salt, tree sap or bird droppings as well as a clean and well-kept interior.

Our individual service offers various options for intensive care. Paint, chrome, windows, plastic surfaces, rims and seats can be thoroughly and effectively, but above all gently cleaned, polished and/or sustainably sealed.

Car care is an investment that pays off several times over:

  • You not only maintain the value of your vehicle, you actually increase it.
  • You have a shiny appearance with your car.
  • Professional complete cleaning facilitates later self-cleaning
  • Optimal before vehicle sale or lease return
  • Protection against environmental influences, such as road salt, tree sap and bird droppings

Our services

Package 1

Basic care inside & outside - 39,90 €

| Pre-wash
| Intensive top wash
| Rims, wheels, folds and door edges
| Small interior cleaning (vacuuming out, cleaning entrances and fittings).
| Incl. window cleaning (inside and outside)

Package 2

Polishing vehicle - 169,90 €

| Intensive, manual prewash to remove tar, flash rust and industrial dust
| Rim and wheel house cleaning
| Cleaning the hinge pillars and door edges
| Intensive paint cleaning with high gloss
| Chrome and plastic care
| Window cleaning (inside and outside)

Package 3

Complete interior cleaning - 149,90 €

Manual intensive cleaning of:

| Upholstery
| Carpets
| Instrument panels
| Panes (inside and outside)
| Plastic parts
| Vehicle headliner
| Side panels
| Trunk
| Leather care if necessary

Package 4

Polishing & Interior cleaning - €279.90

| Complete care from package 2 and 3
| Additional engine compartment care


Package 5

Paint sealing - 600,00 €

| Intensive paint enhancement with long-term protection
| Water repellent pearl effect
| Package 2 included

Package 6

Ceramic sealing - 1.200,00 €

| Diamond shine
| Protects against car wash chemicals
| Water repellent pearl effect
| UV protection
| Reduces hairline scratches
| Absolutely transparent

Top lingerie - €13,00

| Incl. discarding

Convertible roof care - 110,00 €

| Removal of moss and other typical soiling of a convertible car

Hand wash - 40,00 €

| Gentle as well as thorough car hand wash with the microfiber sponge.

Odor neutralization - 79,90 €

| effective odor neutralization through reliable removal of unpleasant odors


Hand wash with polish - 149,00 €

Ceramic sealing - 500,00 €

| Previously washed by hand, dried and polished

Prices are incl. VAT. and for passenger cars. May vary depending on the degree of soiling of the vehicle.
Prices for SUV: Package 1: €49.90, Package 2: €229.90, Package 3: €219.90, Package 4: €379.90
Prices for vans: Package 1: 62,90 €, Package 2: 329,90 €, Package 3: 279,90 €, Package 4: 469,90 €


Dents and scratches?

No problem for us with Smart-Repair!

The everyday life of your vehicle can be quite tough. It's good to know that minor damage such as small scratches in the paint, scratched rims, burn holes in the upholstery or stone chips in the windshield does not always require cost-intensive replacement or a costly complete paint job.

Thanks to the latest methods, our smallRepair specialists are able to repair a wide range of minor damage particularly efficiently.

With a great deal of sensitivity, they ensure that your vehicle does not show the everyday stresses and strains - and you kill two birds with one stone: the value of your vehicle remains stable and your wallet is spared.

Dent repairs - 79,00 €

| Dents with intact paint layer up to 1 cm in diameter: careful removal without sanding and filling.

Spot Repair - 149,00 €

| Minor paint damage up to palm size: effective and inexpensive reconditioning

Interior repairs - 79,00 €

| Burn holes or cracks in the upholstery: extensive restoration.
| Cracks and holes in leather: repairs with special materials
| Until 1 cm

Window repairs - 0,00 €*

| Stone chip damage: professional repairs of minor damage so that a complete replacement is unnecessary
| *Pays usually the insurance

Headlight preparation - per headlight: 99,00 €

| Cloudy, dull headlights: reconditioning with UV long-term protection
| Technical Inspection Association-tested

Prices incl. statutory value added tax. May vary depending on the degree of soiling of the vehicle.


Micro grinding technique scratch - €44.90

| Scratch removal in the paint area without painting
| Until 5 cm


Voucher for a vehicle preparation

Give away a gift certificate for window cleaning every year you find boring? We do too!


How about a voucher for our vehicle preparation?
You can obtain the vouchers at our locations in Vechta, Achim and Minden-Dützen.

Just talk to our employees and ask for it.
You will find the appropriate contact persons below.

You prefer to wash your vehicle yourself?

Then we have something for you: Our high-quality professional care set from meinandersTV. The set was developed together with our professionals from our vehicle preparation and it is tailored exactly to your needs. 


The set is delivered in a practical basket with the following contents:

  • Glass Cleaner - For cleaning your windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces
  • Nano Speed Wax - High Gloss Sealer
  • Wash & Wax Shampoo - Removes oil, road dirt and insect remains
  • Wheelcleaner Ultra - Powerful rim cleaner
  • Rubberplast - For the care of car tires, door and window rubbers, as well as rubber mats.
  • Plenty of accessories: Sponge in black, microfiber glove, glass cloth, fur glove, microfiber cloth

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