Rim preparation

Chippings, grit or the curb can very quickly cause minor damage to rims. These not only look unsightly, but can also promote corrosion in the worst case. Before it comes so far, a visual preparation is therefore recommended. Our rim preparation by Tire Care pro ensures a safe and high-quality result according to our quality specifications.


Rim painting / powder coating

| Inspection of the rim/s
| Chemical soft paint stripping
| Sandblasting (grain size: fine)
| Masking the wheel connection and drill holes
| Powder coating primer
| 60,000 colors are possible
| Wet paint or powder coating
| Clear acrylic coating with powder


High quality rim repair

| Professional repair with CNC
| or Wheeldoctor


Sample prices

Professional CNC rim repair
per rim: 249,00 €

| With acrylic coating

Rim repair
per rim: 119,00 €

| With Wheeldoctor

Powder coating of the rim
per rim: 149,00 €

| In standard shades
| With acrylic lacquer coating

What kind of damage can our qualified employees repair?

Green area - possible

The preparation of damage with a depth of up to 1 mm in the base metal can be easily repaired by the Rim Doctor in this area. The prerequisite for this is that the damage is a maximum of 50 mm from the outer horn in the radial direction. 

Red area - not possible

Damage with a depth greater than 1 mm cannot be repaired in this area. Filling and grinding is not permitted in this area  

Wheel storage

When we store your wheels for you, you save space, tedious transportation and gain safety. This is because our experts first check the depth of the tread and search it for any damage. Then the wheels are thoroughly cleaned and stored under optimal conditions. Good to know: Your wheel sets are insured against fire, theft and damage in transit. And we'll be happy to remind you in good time when the next change is due.


Advantages with our wheel storage:

| Checking tires for damage, tread depth and air pressure
| Subsequent status report
| Thorough cleaning of your summer / winter wheelset
| Professional storage
| Professional assembly of your wheels
| Notification about the next wheel change


More about wheel storage

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