GI and EET
GI and EET

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Main and exhaust emission inspection at Anders.

Pencils out, books closed, satchels under the desk: even as schoolchildren we learned that exams mean stress. Shouldn't that end at some point? Definitely, when it comes to the main exam.1,2 And just like in school, the result depends on the right preparation. But unlike back then, today our experts do it for you.


We prepare your car for the main inspection1 carry out the required exhaust emission test (ET) and take care of the acceptance. In the event that minor defects are discovered during the inspection, the work will of course only be carried out after prior consultation with you by telephone. Take advantage of this and save valuable time.

The general inspection is carried out by an independent official test engineer from a monitoring organisation. The best for me. My service.

Make an appointment now for the main and exhaust emission inspection for your Mercedes-Benz or Opel.

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1 The exhaust emission test part is carried out by the test engineer or by one of our authorised employees.
2 If the inspection date is exceeded by more than two months, a more extensive inspection (supplementary inspection) is required. The main inspection fee is increased due to the additional work involved. Higher costs may also be incurred if defects are discovered during the preliminary inspection that must be rectified in order to obtain the main inspection and MOT stickers.


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