Transporter tire and complete wheel protection
Transporter tire and complete wheel protection

The tire and complete wheel protection from Mercedes-Benz.

Ready for life.

Enjoy comprehensive protection1 in the event of damage to tires and rims, theft or vandalism.


With tire and complete wheel protection from Mercedes-Benz, you are always relaxed on the road and do not have to worry about damage to tires and rims. Because if something does happen, you will receive the replacement and installation costs.2 reimbursed at 100%.

Protection is already included with tires and complete wheels from Mercedes-Benz Service1 and costs you nothing extra.

Retracted objects




Damage caused by using


Massive rim damage




Tire blowout




Quite calm in the event of a claim.

The tire protection ex works.

Your safety comes first at Mercedes-Benz. That's why tire protection is already included in the purchase price when you buy a new van. Enjoy the comprehensive protection1 in case of damage to the factory tires of your new van.


The tire protection in the service.

Covers all damage to your Mercedes-Benz tire for 36 months. In case of damaged or burst tires, theft or vandalism, you get the replacement and installation costs2 completely refunded. The tire protection is included free of charge1 with every tire you purchase from your authorized service partner.3


The complete wheel protection in the service.

Covers massive rim damage in addition to the tire protection benefits. This includes reimbursement of replacement costs in the event of cracking or material deformation of the rim, as well as any damage affecting safety. Term 36 months. Only inclusive1 for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Complete Wheels purchased from your authorized service partner.3


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1 According to our warranty conditions.
2 Mounting costs up to 30.00 Euro incl. VAT per tire and/or rim damage.
3 Available as an option when purchasing new vehicles.


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