Wheels change autumn
Wheels change autumn

For moving autumn moments!

Change to winter wheels now and have summer wheels professionally stored.

Do you know the term "swing weather"? Today sun and warmth, tomorrow cold, clouds and Rain? This is particularly typical at the change of season in autumn. So that you can start the new season carefree, we therefore recommend that you change your wheels in good time.


For your questions and quick change, our tire professionals are at your disposal. Why not make an appointment conveniently online or call us at 04441 912 - 0.

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Saves space, time and nerves:

our professional wheel storage.

To make it as comfortable as possible for you, we will gladly store your summer wheels professionally until the next change. This includes a thorough inspection for any damage, professional storage and a reminder service for the next seasonal change.


Advantages with our wheel storage:

  • Checking tires for damage, tread depth and air pressure
  • thorough cleaning of your summer wheelset
  • Professional storage under the best possible conditions
  • professional mounting of your winter wheels
  • Notification about the next wheel change

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Rim preparation

Chippings, grit or the curb can very quickly cause minor damage to rims. These not only look unsightly, but can also promote corrosion in the worst case. Before it comes so far, a visual preparation is therefore recommended. Our rim preparation by Tire Care Profi ensures a safe and high-quality result according to our quality specifications.


Rim painting/powder coating

| Inspection of the rim/s
| Chemical soft paint stripping
| Sandblasting (grain size: fine)
| Masking the wheel connection and drill holes
| Powder coating primer
| 60,000 colors are possible
| Wet paint or powder coating
| Clear acrylic coating with powder


High quality rim repair

| Professional repair with CNC
| or Wheeldoctor



Professional CNC rim repair
per rim: 249,00 €

| with acrylic coating

Rim repair
per rim: 119,00 €

| with Wheeldoctor

Powder coating of the rim
per rim: 149,00 €

| in standard shades
| with acrylic lacquer coating

Prices incl. statutory value added tax.


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Ever heard of Mercedes-Benz tire and complete wheel protection?

With the tire and complete wheel protection from Mercedes-Benz, you are always relaxed on the road and do not have to worry about damage to tires and rims. Because if something does happen, you will be reimbursed 100% of the replacement and installation costs.


With tires and complete wheels from Mercedes-Benz Service, protection is already included and costs you nothing extra.

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Our parts / accessories world

You still need new summer tires or rims? Then take a look at our online store! There you will find not only suitable accessories for your tires but also a wide range of new summer and all-season tires, as well as rims.


The new EU tire label: more transparency, fewer emissions.

On May 1, 2021, the European Union introduced a new regulation on the labeling of tires in terms of fuel efficiency and other parameters. This should enable you to make a conscious decision in favor of more fuel-efficient tires. After all, this can contribute to reduced costs and lower emissions for both privately and commercially used vehicles.


In addition, the new tire label in force with this regulation supports the EU's goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Road transport and the reduction of CO2 emissions it generates play a major role in achieving this goal.

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